Who’s to Blame for the Crisis in Calais?

CalaisThe crisis in Calais has gained a great deal of media coverage recently. The attention has grown as the attempts of immigrants to cross the channel have got both bolder and more desperate. These immigrants believe that if they reach the UK, and can persuade the British government to let them stay they will have better lives for themselves. That would not be the case for most people, but this belief means that there are always at least 3,000 immigrants in Calais trying to make it to Dover. The British government has made it clear that none of the immigrants that make it across the channel will be allowed to stay.

The immigrants seem to have been given that impression by people traffickers that have got them as far as Calais and give them tips on how to cross the channel through the Eurotunnel, or by stowing away on ferries. These traffickers have been paid thousands of pounds by immigrants. The basic problem has been around since the 1990’s. However it is the sheer number of people attempting to make the crossing at present that is unprecedented.

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