Which Countries Are Currently Topping Global School Rankings?

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 7.20.31 PMAccording to recent global school ranking publications, countries located in the continent of Asia currently sitting in the top five rankings of the list as “biggest ever.” Coming in at the bottom of the list are countries located in the continent of Africa.

The specific countries coming in at the top are as follows:

*Hong Kong
*South Korea

These countries are also ranked higher than both the United Kingdom and the United States, who were ranked at 20th and 28th, respectively.

According to OCED, the comparisons on this list, which are based solely on test scores from approximately 76 different countries around the world, show a distinct link between two important factors: economic growth and education. In fact, OCED has gone on record of stating that this is the first time that “a truly global scale of the quality of education” has come about. They also state that the overall goal is to allow different countries to compare themselves against the top education leaders of the world and discover what strengths and weaknesses they possess, as well as what economic gains can come about if the quality of their schooling improves. This is something that, they say, countries can take part in regardless of whether they are rich or poor. For example, Singapore, which sits at the top of the list, experienced very high illiteracy levels during the 1960s. This new list that has been published shows how much the country has improved in terms of education.


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