Uber- Will this Company Sink or Swim?

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After raping a female passenger, a former Massachusetts Uber driver was recently sentenced ten to twelve years in prison. This adds to the growing list of Uber drivers who have been accused of sexual assault. This type of assault has been occurring around the globe; therefore, it has been bombarding both local and international news quite constantly for a couple of years now. Should we expect Uber to be out of business soon?

According to USA Today, a 47-year-old Boston native by the name of Alejandro Done was found guilty on charges that included aggravated rape, assault and battery, and kidnapping, and thus, he was sentenced last Friday.

The incident he was involved in occurred on December 6, 2014. Mr. Done picked up a woman who was heading to Cambridge. This driver told the woman that he only accepted cash. Since she didn’t have any cash to provide to him at that moment, he agreed to take her to an ATM in order for her to withdraw some money, but things went sour after that, as Mr. Done decided to not take the woman to her destination. According to the Star Tribune, this man opted to drive her to a secluded location. She was kept trapped in the vehicle, and he proceeded to sexually assault her and strangle her.

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