The People of Turkey Horrified Over Student that got Raped

Daily news reports, on Feb 11th, Özgecan Aslan, a 20-year-old university student, caught a bus from Adana to Mersin as was her routine from school to home. As the last passenger gets off the bus, she’s left alone with the driver, his father and his friend.


What happens next is disgusting and inhumane. The driver then changed his route and took her to a secluded location and attempted to rape her. Ozgecan Aslan fought back with pepper spray, but the attacker stabbed and killed her.  The attacker later asked his father and friend to help burn the body to get rid of the evidence.

Women all over Turkey are protesting and claiming that ” this is not “just another criminal incident”, but a result of a systematic misogynist state policy.

The worse thing in this case is that attackers in Turkey get the minimum sentence due to “incitement” or “consent” by the victim or “no psychological damage observed” on the victim. Something needs to be done about this immediately. Some of todays news discussion boards agrees that attackers should get maximum sentencing!! There’s no incitement or consent by victim, but the pure fact that justice is not being served in Turkey.  The people of Turkey need to continue to protest until justice is served.

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