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E.Coli Scare Leads to Shutdown of 43 Chitpotle Stores

chipotleFollowing hospitalization of a significant number of Washington residents due to E.Coli infection over the past week, Chipotle has shut down over a dozen of its eating joints.
Even as no deaths due to the E.Coli infection have yet been reported anywhere in the country, the reports of infection have led to a sensation and panic among the residents.

Restaurants even in Oregon and Washington have been closed as a preventive measure since cooking in massive volumes could elevate chances of infections.
According to the latest statement released by the Washington State Department of Health , the bacteria has not yet claimed any lives, so far but the admitted patients are being given intense medical attention.

A team of experts is currently probing the source of infection. However, nothing specific has yet been identified to tame the spread of the deadly E.Coli bacteria, so far.
As on date, a total of 19 cases of E.Coli infection in Washington and three in Oregon have been identified. While an official confirmation is still awaited, sources said that these cases could be associated with popular restaurant chain selling Mexican food.

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Gene plays key role in monarch butterfly’s miraculous migration

By Will Dunham WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The 3,000-mile (4,800-km) mass migration of monarch butterflies in North America is one of the insect world’s fantastic feats, with millions embarking on the arduous journey from as far north as Canada down into Mexico and the California coast each autumn. Scientists who scoured the genome of these colorful insects offered new insight on Wednesday into this annual airborne adventure. They pinpointed a single gene related to flight muscle efficiency that plays a major role in the monarch butterfly’s migration. …

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Source: Gene plays key role in monarch butterfly’s miraculous migration

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