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Donald Trump Attacks Courts Immigration Ruling via Twitter

President Trump on continues his Twitter attack on courts over the stay on his executive order temporarily barring travel into the U.S. of people from seven Muslim-majority countries.

In an apparent reference to a U.S. district court’s order blocking the president’s executive action and an appeals court’s upholding that ruling, Trump asserted there is a “court breakdown” that is allowing a surge in people from the seven countries coming into the U.S.
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Drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo Guzman Extradited from Mexico to US

Drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo Guzman Extradited from Mexico to US. Guzman, the convicted leader of the Sinaloa drug cartel, one of the world’s largest drug trafficking organizations, was expected to spend the night in a New York jail before his first appearance in a federal courthouse in Brooklyn on Friday, said the official, who wasn’t authorized to publicly discuss Guzman’s case and spoke on the condition of anonymity.

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Potential for More Attacks in Paris and the U.S.

Paris Attacks WDN

According to numerous U.S. officials, the attacks in Paris are not indicating that any of the individuals cited are connected to the U.S. watch list. Thus far, raising the questions about the effectiveness of the United States and its allies tracking systems to IRAQ and Syria.
To date, the information that the U.S. intelligence have discovered, however, is that the communications used are encrypted since it is evading French intelligence with no trace of it back to the actual attackers. The communications analyzed included email and other methods of communications.

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2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign and the Terrorists Attacks in France

Carson WDNEven though the latest attacks were on foreign land, these latest activities are setting that pace for the 2016 presidential election. Democrats and Republicans alike are having to respond to hard questions on how they are going to handle ISIS going forward. In the wake of these acts, President Obama is also having to face harsh criticism since his current platform entailed a current campaign of the raging success that he maintained in this area.

The presidential election is currently focusing on front running contenders like Hilary Clinton who is to set place Americans at ease with her method of winning the war against terrorism and extreme violence. According to Hilary, her experience in being a well-known statesman among the global community can help her with handling the struggle ahead. Unfortunately, at first glance, non of the current candidates are offering a comprehensive plan that will take care of the public’s concern about their safety in the U.S. and abroad. Instead, it appears that many of the politicians who are running their campaigns are currently grappling for responses that will appease the public’s concern in these difficult times.
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Super Bowl Draws Record U.S. Television Audience. Wow!

Sports news headlines- in updated national estimates from Nielsen released Monday afternoon, Sunday’s Super Bowl on NBC set a U.S. television record with 114.4 million viewers — up 2.2 million from the previous high set last year with Seattle and Denver.

Viewership peaked with 120.8 million viewers from 9:45-10 p.m. ET when Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady three two touchdown passes to put the Patriots on top.

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NM comes in last in U.S. for economic freedom

NM comes in last in U.S. for economic freedom
ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – A recent survey on economic freedom in North America has New Mexico sitting at the bottom of its list for U.S. states. That's according to a survey by the Fraser Institute titled "Economic Freedom in North America." The report …
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Freedom Trail Offers Year-round Fun
Boston's Freedom Trail continues to delight both visitors and residents by offering daily walking tours throughout the year. Led by 18th century costumed guides, the Freedom Trail Foundation's popular Walk Into History tour is offered daily on the hour …
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Parts of U.S. face 'life-threatening wind chill'

Parts of U.S. face 'life-threatening wind chill'
WASHINGTON and NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Northern and central regions of the U.S. are seeing “life-threatening wind chill” conditions, with temperatures dropping to the lowest point in almost two decades, federal officials warned Sunday. The weather …
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'Skyrim' Modders Bring 'Morrowind' To Life In Amazing 'Skywind' Mod
But there's little doubt that the Skywind mod is among the most ambitious, impressive mods out there. Skywind is an effort to recreate the world of Morrowind within the Skyrim engine, all from the ground up. And it looks amazing. Enemies, armor …
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Life-threatening wind chills forecast for QC
Temperatures well below zero coupled with high winds will create life-threatening wind chills over the next several days, and the National Weather Service is warning people it will be best to stay indoors if possible. “The best advice we can give at …
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"Life-threatening" cold on the way
The second half of a brutal one-two punch of winter weather lands Monday morning as dangerously cold conditions that experts describe as "life-threatening" grip the suburbs. The high temperature for the Chicago Metropolitan area is predicted to be …
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U.S. Housing Starts Jump to Highest Level in Five Years

U.S. Silver dollar uncirculated
Image by kevin dooley
U.S. Silver dollar uncirculated

U.S. Housing Starts Jump to Highest Level in Five Years
Builders broke ground on more homes in November than at any time in over five years as growing demand helped the industry overcome rising U.S. mortgage rates. Housing starts jumped 22.7 percent to a 1.09 million annualized rate, exceeding all forecasts …
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US Senator Baucus to be named ambassador to China
Senator Max Baucus, a Montana Democrat who earlier this year announced he would retire from the U.S. Senate in 2014, will be nominated by President Barack Obama to be the next ambassador to China, according to a Senate staffer. Baucus currently …
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Gunfire in South Sudan capital prompts U.S. Embassy to announce evacuation

Gunfire in South Sudan capital prompts U.S. Embassy to announce evacuation
Despite a dusk-to-dawn curfew imposed by the South Sudanese government following a failed coup attempt, gunfire rang out Monday, prompting the U.S. Embassy to announce an ordered departure and urge all Americans to depart immediately. Posted By …
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Bahraini Embassy to Morocco marks National Days
Rabat, Dec. 17. (BNA) — Bahrain's Ambassador to Morocco Khalid bin Salman Al-Musallem has hosted here a reception ceremony on the Kingdom's National Days, marking the anniversary of the establishment of the modern state of Bahrain as an Arab and …
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