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Potential for More Attacks in Paris and the U.S.

Paris Attacks WDN

According to numerous U.S. officials, the attacks in Paris are not indicating that any of the individuals cited are connected to the U.S. watch list. Thus far, raising the questions about the effectiveness of the United States and its allies tracking systems to IRAQ and Syria.
To date, the information that the U.S. intelligence have discovered, however, is that the communications used are encrypted since it is evading French intelligence with no trace of it back to the actual attackers. The communications analyzed included email and other methods of communications.

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U.S. says discussed with France possible French role in Syria

By Phil Stewart WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said on Thursday he discussed with France its possible involvement in the U.S.-led campaign in Syria but his French counterpart would not be drawn on whether Paris might join in airstrikes. France was the first country to join the U.S.-led coalition in airstrikes on Islamic State insurgents in Iraq, who have also taken control of large parts of neighboring Syria during the course of the three-year-old civil war there. … …read more

Source: U.S. says discussed with France possible French role in Syria

Syria Kurds say American joins fight against Islamic State

By Tom Perry and Fiona Ortiz BEIRUT/CHICAGO (Reuters) – A former American soldier has joined Kurdish forces fighting against Islamic State militants in northern Syria, a rare case of a lone U.S. citizen joining the fight against extremists in Syria. Jordan Matson of Wisconsin has joined the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), who are mainly battling advances by Islamic State militants close to Syria’s borders with Turkey and Iraq, a spokesman for the Kurdish group said on Thursday. … …read more

Source: Syria Kurds say American joins fight against Islamic State

Turkey considers Iraq, Syria incursions

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkey’s parliament on Thursday was considering a motion that would give the government new powers to launch military incursions in Syria and Iraq and allow foreign forces to use its territory for possible operations against the Islamic State group, although the country has yet to define what role it intends to play in the U.S.-led coalition against the militants. …read more

Source: Turkey considers Iraq, Syria incursions

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