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Problems Persist 61 Years After Brown v. Board Of Education

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 11.50.20 PMMany people may think that 61 years after Brown v. Board Of Education, American schools will have finally achieved some measure of racial equality. However, the current facts and statistics would seem to indicate otherwise. Obviously, the nation has made progress since the days in which the racial segregation of schools was legal and expected. However, African American students continue to receive an inferior education compared to white students, and the school system continues to be biased against them in many different ways.

For one thing, schools that have a high minority population tend to receive less funding than schools that are predominantly white. Schools that don’t have enough funding will probably have inferior teaching materials and security systems. They will also be much less likely to attract qualified teachers. Indeed, the most qualified teachers will usually be working at the schools that have a low population of minority students. However, the majority of teachers that are working today in the United States are still white. Black students are less likely to encounter the sort of figures that will inspire them to be teachers personally. Given the racial distribution of the majority of American teachers, many black students will simply get the message that becoming an educator is for white people. As such, the vicious cycle will only continue.

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Should Students Be Required to Take Computer Science Classes

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Now, there is no doubt that some colleges do require all students to take one CS class. The problem is that not enough do. This scenario is especially nonsensical considering that CS teaches problem solving like no other — even theoretical math and physics courses. Why? Computer science is all about finding the easiest way to do something — the method that is most efficient and requires the least lines of code.

So, let’s say I want to create a program for my theoretical t-shirt business that keeps track of profits. It seems pretty easy right? Find revenue and then subtract costs… but something you may not have realized is how many unique routes a programmer may take to create a program that accomplishes this given task. Unlike a paper-and-pencil logbook, programs are dynamic since there are always many different ways of accomplishing the same thing.

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