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Todd Chrisley Addresses Gay Rumors

Todd Chrisley Addresses Gay Rumors. He’s an outspoken millionaire who has never been shy about his eccentric ways.

But Todd Chrisley – who is known for his strong Christian beliefs – fully embraced gay rumors while speaking on The Domenick Nati Show on Wednesday.

‘I’m flattered that people think I can get laid on both ends,’ the 47-year-old Chrisley Knows Best star explained on the radio program. ‘So that doesn’t bother me.’
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Why It’s Important to Stay Fit 

Why it’s important to stay fit? Ask someone if it’s important to remain fit and healthy and you’ll no doubt hear a quick “yes.” But you may receive a pause if you ask why it’s important. When you understand why an action is beneficial, you have greater motivation to perform that action, and remaining fit and healthy is no different. Additionally, if you can rattle off a list of the benefits of good fitness, you can motivate friends and loved ones to follow in your healthy path.
Survival of the Fittest
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Kenya Moore Lied About Her Break Up With Matt Jordan

kenya moore
Did Kenya Moore lie about her break up with Matt Jordan? We all know Kenya Moore as “Miss Gone With The Wind” on the popular hit show Real Housewives of Atlanta. Miss Kenya has not had the best luck when it comes to dating. But not too long ago, Kenya fell in love with her fitness trainer Matt Jordan. OMG, we could not believe she finally met someone. The two were inseparable and rumors even claimed that they might be expecting a child.
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OMG! Price Is Right Model Just Did Something Unforgettable

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 4.45.04 PM

We all make mistakes. However, our mistakes don’t usually result in giving someone a free car.

This is exactly what happened when Manuela Arbelaez, a model on The Price is Right, accidentally revealed a correct answer to one of the show’s contestants. The goof brought poor Manuela to tears due to embarrassment, and sent host Drew Carey into a fit of laughter.

Manuela was clearly mortified at her accident. Regardless, Drew was quick to tell her it was okay, and she had just gifted the lucky contestant with a free car. What an outcome!

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Man gets 25 years for scalding roommate over sausages

The Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office said a violent repeat offender will be off the streets for 25 years now that he was sentenced for throwing a pot of boiling water on his roommate, all over sausages.

Source: www.wbaltv.com

Wow, what is the world coming to? Sentenced to prison for scalding someone over sausages is not the way to go.

Goo sculpture shows how happy or sad Oslo’s internet users are

Monolitt is an art exhibit that shows the emotions of Oslo’s residents in globs of paint. The waist-high monolith, created by Norwegian artists Syver Lauritzsen and Eirik Haugen Murvoll, oozes colored goo when someone nearby tweets an emotion. Black shows annoyance, while a squirt of pink shows the person behind the screen is happy. Other colors are assigned to other emotions, and the hypnotic result, as shown in the artists’ video, is a swirled mass of both paint and human feelings.

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Source: Goo sculpture shows how happy or sad Oslo’s internet users are

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