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Ad Fraud Is Now A Seven Billion Dollar Problem


Ad Fraud is now a 7 billion dollar problem. According to Association of National Advertisers, marketers continue to waste billions of dollars in digital advertising. In 2015 advertisers had a range of bots percentage ranging from 3 to 37 percent, compared to 2 to 22 percent in 2014.

It’s been reported, “the changing nature of online advertising is making fraud more prevalent. More valuable ad inventory – video ads and display targeted at specific demographic groups – are more susceptible to bots. Programmatic is a particular problem; the ANA found that it attracts 73% more bots than direct buys.

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Recruiters Reveal Most Wanted Tech Skills

It’s not necessarily the résumé pile: Today’s recruiters are scanning social media profiles to identify and headhunt the industry’s top talent. “Hiring managers are increasingly turning to [social media] to get a competitive edge in identifying potential candidates and broaden their candidate pool across all job sectors,” said Shon Burton, CEO of global recruiting tool HiringSolved. Social recruiting is especially prevalent in the tech sector, where positions often require very specific experience and skill sets. Instead of wasting time reading through a relatively narrow pool of applications, hiring managers can simply enter search criteria and find social media profiles that match the job requirements. …read more

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Violence in movies prevalent whether its PG-13, R film

Top Gun is the greatest movie ever made
Image by Bill Selak
If Top Gun is the greatest movie ever, why isn’t this photo the greatest photo ever? Or is it? Or isn’t it?

Day 229

Violence in movies prevalent whether its PG-13, R film
Violent movie characters often engage in other risky behaviors like sex and drinking, according to a new study — and those compounded behaviors occur equally in PG-13 and R-rated movies. "I think the take home message from this is that the motion …
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Movies are his only frame of reference
Dear Mick: In your recent review of "Hunger Games: Catching Fire," you referred to the band of marauding primates as "orangutans." These are clearly baboons or mandrills. If you can't get this small detail right, it leads me to question your …
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Bobby Cannavale, Woody Allen's Big Guy
Bobby Cannavale, dressed in a crisp, dark suit, stops to button his jacket as he enters the swank 21 Club in midtown Manhattan. He's here to chat about his latest movie, Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine (you know, the one that should win Cate Blanchett an …
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