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Fertility App Prevents Unwanted Pregnancies

Fertility App Prevents Unwanted Pregnancies. The app works by getting women to enter their body temperatures, ovulation test results and date of menstruation.
An algorithm (a set of rules to help solve a problem, run by computer software) then determines whether a woman is fertile on that day. This should help her make a decision about having unprotected sex.
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Facilitate Wealth Management on Personal Front

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 6.05.27 PMHave you gone on a shopping spree and spent more than you should have actually? This does happen to all the persons and almost all the time. Whether it’s a time of festivities, special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or engagement, or simply a party you are throwing or a dinner among friends, or just buying things you were planning to purchase for a long time; reasons are so many. But the outcome is only one, you exceed the limit of your credit card while swiping it a moment ago. Perhaps, you should know how a new concept of balance transfer will assist you greatly.

Now, what is balance transfer? A credit card balance transfer permits a person to merge all of the balances on one’s credit cards, permits to accumulate credit, and loans on one card with a little annual percentage rate and pay off the additional credit. For this procedure to take place, a person has to pay a specific amount or a percentage. The balances that are to be transferred are to be mentioned when the information is provided. Next, the account numbers and the amount of cash is to be specified. This is easy and effortless as the company providing the credit card balance transfer makes a contact with the other one to facilitate the required balance. Thus, a transfer could be a suitable means to postpone the card payment with negligible interest, giving a person the required time to assemble funds.

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Save a Life And Know the Facts About Vaccines

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Check out the facts before you make a decision on what’s best for your child.


  1. Recent health articles shows in the past 60 years, vaccines helped eradicate one disease (smallpox) and are close to eradicating another (polio).
  2. Vaccines prevent more than 2.5 million deaths each year.
  3. Scientific studies and reviews continue to show no relationship between vaccines and autism.
  4. New and underutilized vaccines could avert nearly 4 million deaths by 2015.
  5. Vaccines cause “herd immunity,” which means if the majority of people in a community have been vaccinated against a disease, an unvaccinated person is less likely to get sick because others are less likely to get sick and spread the disease.

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California governor signs ‘yes means yes’ college sexual assault bill

(Reuters) – California Governor Jerry Brown on Sunday signed a law requiring all state colleges to adopt a policy of unambiguous, affirmative consent by students engaged in sexual activity, part of a nationwide effort to curb sexual assault on U.S. campuses. California’s so-called “yes means yes” law will be the first in the nation to make affirmative consent language a central tenet of school sexual assault policies, proponents said. …

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Source: California governor signs ‘yes means yes’ college sexual assault bill

Iraqi Kurdish president urges international community to ‘use all means’ to protect Syrian city

ARBIL Iraq (Reuters) – The president of Iraq’s Kurdistan region urged the international community on Friday to “use every means” to protect the city of Kobani in neighboring Syria from Islamic State militants. Islamic State fighters are besieging Kobani, also known as Ayn al-Arab, after seizing at least 21 surrounding villages in a major assault against the predominantly Kurdish city on Syria’s northern border with Turkey. “I call on the international community to use every means as soon as possible to protect Kobani,” President Masoud Barzani said in a statement. … …read more

Source: Iraqi Kurdish president urges international community to ‘use all means’ to protect Syrian city

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