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Ad Fraud Is Now A Seven Billion Dollar Problem


Ad Fraud is now a 7 billion dollar problem. According to Association of National Advertisers, marketers continue to waste billions of dollars in digital advertising. In 2015 advertisers had a range of bots percentage ranging from 3 to 37 percent, compared to 2 to 22 percent in 2014.

It’s been reported, “the changing nature of online advertising is making fraud more prevalent. More valuable ad inventory – video ads and display targeted at specific demographic groups – are more susceptible to bots. Programmatic is a particular problem; the ANA found that it attracts 73% more bots than direct buys.

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You’ll Be Surprised to Learn these Celebrities Real Names

Celebrities have the coolest names, don’t they? From Channing Tatum to Blake Lively, their names are just so much better than your everyday names. Not only do they seem to fit together perfectly, but they are usually easy to pronounce, yet memorable. Of course, not all celebs are born with these spectacular monikers. A number of stars who were born with boring, strange, or ridiculous names have found that it’s easier just to come up with their own. Here’s a quick look at 10 stars whose real names you won’t believe.
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Uber- Will this Company Sink or Swim?


After raping a female passenger, a former Massachusetts Uber driver was recently sentenced ten to twelve years in prison. This adds to the growing list of Uber drivers who have been accused of sexual assault. This type of assault has been occurring around the globe; therefore, it has been bombarding both local and international news quite constantly for a couple of years now. Should we expect Uber to be out of business soon?

According to USA Today, a 47-year-old Boston native by the name of Alejandro Done was found guilty on charges that included aggravated rape, assault and battery, and kidnapping, and thus, he was sentenced last Friday.

The incident he was involved in occurred on December 6, 2014. Mr. Done picked up a woman who was heading to Cambridge. This driver told the woman that he only accepted cash. Since she didn’t have any cash to provide to him at that moment, he agreed to take her to an ATM in order for her to withdraw some money, but things went sour after that, as Mr. Done decided to not take the woman to her destination. According to the Star Tribune, this man opted to drive her to a secluded location. She was kept trapped in the vehicle, and he proceeded to sexually assault her and strangle her.

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Apple Becomes the Most Valuable Company in the World, Again!

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 6.36.49 PMAccording to annual BrandZ ranking which is compiled by Millward Brown, a marketing research firm, Apple passes Google to become the most valuable brand in the world. Apple reclaimed its long running title after losing it to Google in 2014. This has been attributed to a 67% change in brand value from $148 billion last year to $247 billion this year. Google had a brand value of $158 billion last year and a brand value of $173 billion this year therefore taking its place at the second slot.

Apple had been enjoying a three year run as the most valuable company before Google took the coveted price last year ending the streak for Apple. The data is usually derived from the market as well as from millions of customer surveys which help to determine a portion of the company’s value therefore being attributed to its brand.

The sudden increase in brand value for Apple in 2015 is attributed to the hype generated by the just released Apple smartwatch and was also boasted by increased iPhone sales which drove the company’s earnings higher. Google on other hand scrapped off its Google Glass product which has been attributed to the reduction in brand value. Other factors that have contributed to the decline include overseas regulatory troubles as well as lackluster earnings.

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And the Winner is… Michael Jordan Among Others Joins Forbes Billionaires List

A record 290 newcomers joined the Forbes billionaires list in the last year as world markets defied international turmoil. One earthward note: The average net worth of list members came in at $3.86 billion, down $60 million from 2014.

Source: www.forbes.com

In latest business news, Forbes.com reports billionaires continue to rise.  Of course there were surprises, but then again, but nothing shocking.   From the 290 newcomers, 46 of them are under 40, and 71 of them are from China.

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The People of Turkey Horrified Over Student that got Raped

Daily news reports, on Feb 11th, Özgecan Aslan, a 20-year-old university student, caught a bus from Adana to Mersin as was her routine from school to home. As the last passenger gets off the bus, she’s left alone with the driver, his father and his friend.

Source: revolution-news.com

What happens next is disgusting and inhumane. The driver then changed his route and took her to a secluded location and attempted to rape her. Ozgecan Aslan fought back with pepper spray, but the attacker stabbed and killed her.  The attacker later asked his father and friend to help burn the body to get rid of the evidence.

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Golden State Warriors Rises To The Top

Pelicans drop to 15th from 14th last week. But guess who’s moving on up? With the Portland Trail Blazers losing last Saturday to the Atlanta Hawks, the Golden State Warriors have moved to the top spot in this week’s NOLA.com|The Times Picayune power rankings.

At 29-5, the Warriors have the best record in the NBA and they are 16-1 at home. Golden State Warriors: Have won by an average of 22.2 points in the past six games. And they are 12-0 against Eastern Conference opponents.

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California probes near-death escape of 12 firefighters

By Steve Gorman LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – California forestry officials have opened an inquiry into a life-threatening ordeal faced by 12 firefighters who were nearly engulfed by flames in the Sierra Nevada last month before a helicopter pilot flew to the scene and led them to safety. The team had already crawled into foil-lined personal fire shelters – a survival measure of last resort – before they were spotted by the pilot as columns of fire raced up a canyon at them, igniting whole trees along the way. … …read more

Source: California probes near-death escape of 12 firefighters

Macy’s to hire 86,000 workers for holiday season

(Reuters) – Department store operator Macy’s Inc said it planned to hire about 86,000 workers for the holiday shopping season, up from about 83,000 last year. Macy’s said it would hire about 1,125 for its customer service centers, about 3,000 for delivery and store pickup services for online orders at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s stores, and more than 850 to support its holiday events such as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. …

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Source: Macy’s to hire 86,000 workers for holiday season

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