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Darrelle Revis Charged With Robbery

Although Darrelle Revis’ lawyer insists that the New York Jets star cornerback did nothing wrong and was trying to remove himself from an alleged fight in Pittsburgh last weekend, authorities disagreed.

Revis was charged with robbery, terroristic threats, conspiracy and aggravated assault, after he was reportedly involved in a fight on the south side of Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Department of Public Safety put out a statement on the incident and the charges (via NFL.com’s Mike Garafolo). ESPN.com said Thursday night that Revis was officially charged, and Revis’ lawyer said he will turn himself into police.
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Brookly Rapper Troy Ave Shot Again

Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave — wounded in a fight this spring that led to a charge of attempted murder — was shot and wounded again.

This latest incident took place on Christmas Day in Brooklyn, when a man approached the rapper while he was stopped at an intersection, authorities said.
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Panic Seizes New Jersey Mall After Shooting Scare

Panic Seizes New Jersey Mall After Shooting Scare. Chaos reigned at a mall in Elizabeth, New Jersey on Monday after a large fight broke out and somebody shouted that shots had been fired. Though there wasn’t actually any gunfire — what onlookers thought was a gunshot was actually the sound of somebody throwing a chair — the The Mills at Jersey Gardens quickly descended into pandemonium, with hundreds of holiday shoppers running for safety.
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Singapore Airlines Plane Loses Power, Restored Before Occurence of a Disaster

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 9.47.12 PMAn Air-bus A330 plane belonging to Singapore airlines lost its engine capacity while on flight from Singapore on its way to Shanghai. This lead to loss of altitude leading the plane to plunge to 13,000 feet before engine capacity was restored.

The pilots as trained and experienced professionals followed all procedures in an attempt to restore energy to the A330 Rolls Royce engines. This enabled the plane to regain attitude therefore gliding safely in Shanghai, China at 11 pm on Saturday. According to information provided by authorities from Singapore airlines, among the 194 passengers and crew who were on board, none was injured.

Singapore airline officials released an official statement that provided more information about the incident. The reason that led to the incident was due to bad weather which the A330-300 plane encountered at 39,000 feet, three hours after departure. This lead to the engines experiencing temporary loss of energy where the pilots followed procedure in order to restore it.
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Breaking News-Has the Zimmer Been Simmered?

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 12.10.30 AMFinding himself in trouble yet again, George Zimmerman was allegedly involved in another skirmish with the same person he argued with in September in a road rage incident. While earlier reports were released indicating that Zimmerman had been shot, the latest information indicates that he was only treated for glass residue that came as a result of the gunshot. A picture of Zimmerman’s truck with a single bullet hole was posted to a local news station. The shooter, Matthew Apperson, alleged that Zimmerman had pulled a gun on him. Zimmerman is licensed to carry a concealed weapon.

As of now, no charges have been filed for the incident. This comes as a recent episode in a series of unfortunate circumstances that have followed Zimmerman ever since being found not guilty of murder after shooting Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman has had a series of incidents ranging from domestic abuse to speeding since the acquittal. For now it appears that Zimmerman is just fine; he was treated for minor injuries and released from the hospital.

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Who’s To Blame For Dreadlocks Smelling like Weed or Patchouli Oil

E! hosts declared that she probably “smells like patchouli oil,” or “weed.”

Source: www.elle.com

I am sure you heard it all by now. If you have not, here’s what’s trending in entertainment daily news and headline news. Giuliana Ranci made a comment during the Oscar’s stating that Zendaya looked like she smelled of “weed” and “patchouli” because of her dreadlocks.  Of course Zendaya took offense, I mean who wouldn’t..?

But everyone is pointing blame at Giuliana. Shouldn’t the writers of Monday’s Fashion Police be held responsible as well.  People.com reports “That joke was a written joke, which means, a lot of people involved and nobody saw racism in this at all,” Bush said. “I don’t think they would have put it on the air several hours later if there was.”

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