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10,000 State Employees Could Face Layoffs in Alaska

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 10.18.40 PMOn June 1, Bill Walker, the Governor of Alaska, announced an imminent July 1 shutdown of part of the state government by sending layoff notices to 10,000 state employees. This layoff is contingent on the lawmakers of the state failing to reach an agreement on the next fiscal year’s budget.

The fight between Alaska lawmakers and the powers that be has escalated due to the plunge in oil prices worldwide. Currently, they are dealing with a shortfall of no less than $3 billion, and they’ve been arguing over the budget for four months or more just to try to decide what to do about funding the day-to-day operations of the state government. There has been a difference of opinion between the Alaska Senate and the House regarding the amount that the budget could be cut without limiting the services provided to the residents of the state that currently total about 750,000.There are still some significant differences remaining at the forefront regarding amounts to be allocated for the restoring of state workers’ pay raises, as well as the funding of the marine-highway-system, state universities, and public education.
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Problems Persist 61 Years After Brown v. Board Of Education

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 11.50.20 PMMany people may think that 61 years after Brown v. Board Of Education, American schools will have finally achieved some measure of racial equality. However, the current facts and statistics would seem to indicate otherwise. Obviously, the nation has made progress since the days in which the racial segregation of schools was legal and expected. However, African American students continue to receive an inferior education compared to white students, and the school system continues to be biased against them in many different ways.

For one thing, schools that have a high minority population tend to receive less funding than schools that are predominantly white. Schools that don’t have enough funding will probably have inferior teaching materials and security systems. They will also be much less likely to attract qualified teachers. Indeed, the most qualified teachers will usually be working at the schools that have a low population of minority students. However, the majority of teachers that are working today in the United States are still white. Black students are less likely to encounter the sort of figures that will inspire them to be teachers personally. Given the racial distribution of the majority of American teachers, many black students will simply get the message that becoming an educator is for white people. As such, the vicious cycle will only continue.

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Brain Tech Projects Get $46 Million in Funding

Developing wearable brain scanners and devising tools to watch a brain’s signaling chemicals in real time are among the 58 research projects that now have funding, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced today (Sept. 30). These and other projects received the first wave of funding in the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative, the U.S. The NIH awarded $46 million in grants to these projects, which will focus on developing “transformative technologies” that can help scientists gain a deeper understanding of the brain, NIH Director Francis Collins told reporters today. “There’s a big gap between what we want to do in brain research and the technologies available to make exploration possible,” Collins said. [5 Crazy Technologies That Are Revolutionizing Biotech]

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Source: Brain Tech Projects Get $46 Million in Funding

Britain pledges state funding to Scotland ahead of independence vote

EDINBURGH (Reuters) – Britain promised to guarantee Scotland’s high levels of state funding, granting Scots control over healthcare spending in a last-ditch attempt to shore up support for the United Kingdom before Thursday’s vote on independence. With polls showing the decision on the fate of the United Kingdom is too close to call, welfare spending and the future of Britain’s revered National Health System have formed a central part of nationalist Alex Salmond’s case for secession. …

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Source: Britain pledges state funding to Scotland ahead of independence vote

Canadian abortion clinic turns to crowd-funding to keep doors open

(Reuters) – A crowd-funding campaign to save a Canadian abortion clinic has surpassed its C$100,000 ($93,100) goal but the Fredericton, New Brunswick, facility will still close its doors on Friday while organizers scramble to lease space for a new clinic. While state-funded abortion is available across Canada, the eastern province of New Brunswick provides abortions only in hospitals and only if two doctors agree the procedure is medically necessary. The Fredericton Morgentaler Clinic, founded by the late abortion provider and activist Henry Morgentaler in 1993, is a private facility and does not need to meet that criteria. Clinic manager Simone Lebovitch said the Morgentaler clinic has been operating at a loss for a long time because it is only open one day a week and women must pay C$700 to C$850 out of pocket to terminate their pregnancies. …read more

Source: Canadian abortion clinic turns to crowd-funding to keep doors open

Global business leaders push for infrastructure funding overhaul

By Jane Wardell SYDNEY (Reuters) – International business leaders are lobbying the Group of 20 bloc of advanced and developing countries to tackle a $57 trillion shortfall in global infrastructure, pressing for changes to funding rules they say would help big projects move ahead. G20 finance ministers agreed in Sydney in February to draw up “real and effective plans to lift the global economy” by more than 2 percent “above the trajectory implied by current policies” over five years. They meet again in Australia in September. “We think that’s one of the most important decisions made at G20 meetings in the last few years,” B20 Chairman Richard Goyder, chief executive of Wesfarmers, told reporters ahead of the business leaders’ gathering.

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Source: Global business leaders push for infrastructure funding overhaul

Super PAC to end all super PACs hits its $5 million funding goal

A crowdfunded super PAC designed to end all super PACs has achieved its funding goal. The Mayday PAC raised $5 million from over 50,000 small contributions over the past couple of months. Added to the $5 million matching contribution it’s expecting and the $2 million it pulled in this past May, the political action committee should have the $12 million founder Lawrence Lessig said it’d need to wield influence in five key House races this year. Lessig, a Harvard professor outspoken against the state of campaign finance in the US, said in a blog post that “this may be this movement’s most incredible moment so far.” He added, “We’ve got lots of ideas about how to make this work.

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Source: Super PAC to end all super PACs hits its $5 million funding goal

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