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Is Hilary Clinton For Mayor Crazy Talk?

Is Hilary Clinton for mayor crazy talk? If there’s any glimmer of truth to the rumors that Hillary Clinton is considering a run for mayor of New York City, it would be evidence that she might have tripped and bumped her head during one of those long walks she’s been taking in the woods of Westchester County.
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10 Of The Best Players In The History Of NFL

Lawrence Taylor

In its storied 95 year history, the NFL has seen thousands of players come and go. While some have been good players, and others have been great, there are a select few who can be truly called remarkable and the best at their positions. Whether they had unmatched physical ability or were geniuses at the game, die-hard football fans and casual watchers alike know who they are, as will generations to come. In no particular order, here’s a list of the 10 best NFL players of all time.

1. Lawrence “LT” Taylor

There’s not been a more disruptive linebacker to play in the NFL than Lawrence Taylor. The ultimate defensive weapon, his explosive style made forcing turnovers look easy. He was an All-Pro for the first 10 years of his career and managed to make a total of 132.5 sacks over the length of his 13-year career. He won NFL Defensive Player of the Year three times, and was the NFL’s MVP in 1986.

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25 Most Spectacular Places to Visit this Summer


Soaring mountains, majestic beaches, snowy terrains and stroll-able wineries–these are the words that strikes our intent as we plan on travelling during summer days. But, it is always wise to grab a paper and a pen and create a list of the most spectacular destinations before going outside. In short, it is best to plan and then travel the world.
And if you are confused as to where to start your adventure this summer, we’ve got you covered. To ensure that you get the best of your travel, we are presenting a list of 25 awe-inspiring destinations for you to visit this summer.
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A Political Feud Worth Following: Donald Trump vs. Megyn Kelly

Donald VS MegynIt is no secret that Donald Trump is arguably one of the most controversy causing presidential candidates of all time. He frequently speaks things that many presidential hopefuls would never dream of saying, which can often cause people to not like him, neither as a person, nor as a presidential candidate. Recently, Megyn Kelly seemed to call Donald Trump out on some of these issues during the FOX debate with several GOP presidential hopefuls. This has led to Donald Trump viewing these direct questions asked by Megyn Kelly as a personal attack on him, which has in turn led him to attack Megyn Kelly in a sort of political revenge.

This whole quarrel between the well-known FOX News anchor and the political candidate began during the aforementioned FOX debate. Trump viewed Kelly’s questions as being harder on him than the other presidential candidates. Since the debate, Trump has continued to talk about how he feels he was treated unfairly. The debate took place on August 6th, 2015. The evening following the debate, Trump was already mentioning the run-in in his interview with Sean Hannity, yet another anchor for FOX News. In the post-debate interview, Trump claims that Kelly was asking questions that were not very kind and seemed to be asking especially unkind questions to him.

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Neurosurgeon Performs the First Human Head Transplant

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 12.00.11 AMAn Italian neurosurgeon named Sergio Canavero, head of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group, believes that he can successfully perform the first human head transplant as early as 2016.

He unveiled his plans in Annapolis, Maryland, during a 2.5 hour presentation at a conference of the American Academy of Neurological and Orthopedic Surgeons. During the presentation, Canavero introduced the man who has volunteered to be the first human to undergo a head transplant.
This man, Russian-born ValerySpiridonov, is 30 years old.Spiridonov suffers from an incurable, progressive wasting ailment known asWerdnig-Hoffmann disease. If successful, a head transplant surgery could prolong his lie.

Canavero spoke during his presentation about how he would mend the severed spinal cord, which would be crucial for any such surgery, and explained major advances in the field, particularly with regards to animals.

The trick, he says, is to cut the cord with a nano blade, then use polyethylene glycol and an electrical current in a rather Frankenstein-esque manner to speed and promote the reattachment of nerve fibers cut during the surgery.
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Burned Singer Tells All in Haiti’s Carnival Disaster

In world news today, PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — A Haitian singer who was burned by a high-voltage wire while atop a float during a Carnival parade said Wednesday that an unexpected shift forward apparently set off the accident that resulted in a deadly stampede.

Source: news.yahoo.com

Many Haitians look forward to this three day celebration once a year as family and friends gather to celebrate Haitis’ Independence. The unfortunate event that took place during this year’s celebration is devastating. World news headlines reports that 18 killed and 60 injured on Tuesday when a carnival float hit power lines. It appeared that the dead and injured people were trampled on.

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New York teen football player dies after collision

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A 16-year-old New York high school football player died at a hospital after colliding with an opponent during a varsity game, school officials said on Thursday. The death of Tom Cutinella, a junior at Long Island’s Wading River High School, comes amid heightened awareness of the long-run health effects of head injuries in professional and youth sports, particularly football. Cutinella died after being rushed from the field during a game against Elwood John H. … …read more

Source: New York teen football player dies after collision

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