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Hong Kong Confirms third Bird Flu Case in Three Weeks

Hong Kong has confirmed its third case of human bird flu in three weeks, a 62-year-old man who was in critical condition, after a second patient was confirmed to have contracted the same H7N9 strain of the disease last Friday.

The first patient died from H7N9 five days earlier.
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China Invest Billions Into Latin America

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China is investing considerable amounts of financial investments into Latin America, investments, which can be counted in billions of dollars. It always used to be that other countries invested in China. However that was when China was setting out of its own economic reforms and had consistently high economic growth rates. Now China has become one of the most important economies in the world it has companies that have become among the largest investors across the globe. Other countries are keen to have the Chinese invest in their countries, while the Chinese are hoping to make money back from their loans and investments.

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Tension Stirs Up As China Attempts To Hack American Companies

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Tension Stirs Up As China Attempts To Hack American Companies Despite Signing Of an Agreement

Tension has intensified between China and US governments as new reports exclusively reveal that China tried to hack American companies. CrowdStrike, a security firm in the United States informed The White House in Washington DC that China tried to hack American companies but remained unwilling to disclose the identity of targeted corporations.

These hackers have been linked to the government of China. Aware of the illegality of their action, they went ahead and attempted to intrude into at least seven companies in the United States. This comes barely three weeks after Washington and Beijing made an agreement to avoid spying on each other for commercial purposes. This is according to a famous security firm in the United States, CrowdStrike. The security firm stated that the software it placed at five US and two pharmaceutical companies managed to detect and rebuff the attacks that began on September 26 this year.

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Be Aware! These Facts on the Water Crisis are Frightening

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 5.55.39 PMMost of us go through life unaware that there is a huge water crisis that’s happening on a global level. It’s not something that only occurs in third world countries. It’s definitely a situation that needs our immediate attention regardless of where you reside. Mother nature needs us to conserve water since small adjustments have big impact.  Here are the scary facts:

1.  Of all the water in China’s major rivers, 39% of it is too toxic for human contact.  A lot of these rivers are green..

2. 1/3 of Spain is at risk of turning into a desert from poor water management

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Hong Kong protests make bankers fret over offshore yuan role

By Saikat Chatterjee and Michelle Chen HONG KONG (Reuters) – Peering down from their gleaming tower blocks at pro-democracy activists on the streets, Hong Kong’s bankers and traders cannot help worrying that the financial community could pay a heavy price in the long term if the city loses Beijing’s favour. As China steadily opens up, Hong Kong lives with the threat that its crucial role as China’s biggest yuan hub could become diminished as business flows to the mainland’s growing financial centres in Shanghai and Shenzhen. … …read more

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