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HPV Cancer Still Climbing in US

We wonder why HPV cancer still climbing in the US considering most cases are preventable.

HPV known as the Human Papillomavirus is a sexual transmitted disease. Although some HPV infections go away on their own, a majority of them that don’t go away can cause changes in the cells which can lead to genital warts or cancer. About 27,000 women and men are affected by HPV every year. That’s a new case every 20 minutes.
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10 Most Strangest Things Ever Discovered in a Human Body


Learning that something has been using your own body as a place to hide…it sounds like the stuff urban legends are made of. Unfortunately, with so many orifices providing direct access into the body, this isn’t always the case. Want proof? Look no further than the 10 most terrifying things ever discovered in a human body. Of course, in some cases, the individual being used as “a home” wasn’t all that surprised. After all, they put it there themselves. Let’s take a look!
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10 Years Sentence for Bill Cosby

cosby WDN

Bill Cosby one of the well-known and once respected American comedians in the world now finds himself in a quagmire. He was recently charged with crimes of sexual violence in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. His bail was set very high at $1 million. Even with this, Cosby still insists not guilty.
Cosby was charged with aggravated indecent assault. Unlike many other sexual assaults, this one only requires minimal penetration of the genitals or the anus by any part of the defendant’s body which also includes the finger. It also requires that the complainant not be unconscious or there be no consent. The major task of the commonwealth is to prove against any doubt, that the complainant was not conscious or did not consent. According to the complainant in this case the defendant drugged her before committing the felony.

Unlike other sexual assault cases, this one will be wholly based on testimonial and not on physical evidence. This is however not a disadvantage to the prosecutors case. The testimonial of a sex offence victim still carries enough weight to warrant a conviction. Those in this case include; that of the victim, her mother and any statements that Mr. Cosby could have made or will make in the event he testifies.
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E.Coli Scare Leads to Shutdown of 43 Chitpotle Stores

chipotleFollowing hospitalization of a significant number of Washington residents due to E.Coli infection over the past week, Chipotle has shut down over a dozen of its eating joints.
Even as no deaths due to the E.Coli infection have yet been reported anywhere in the country, the reports of infection have led to a sensation and panic among the residents.

Restaurants even in Oregon and Washington have been closed as a preventive measure since cooking in massive volumes could elevate chances of infections.
According to the latest statement released by the Washington State Department of Health , the bacteria has not yet claimed any lives, so far but the admitted patients are being given intense medical attention.

A team of experts is currently probing the source of infection. However, nothing specific has yet been identified to tame the spread of the deadly E.Coli bacteria, so far.
As on date, a total of 19 cases of E.Coli infection in Washington and three in Oregon have been identified. While an official confirmation is still awaited, sources said that these cases could be associated with popular restaurant chain selling Mexican food.

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Lindsay Lohan Breaks Records- Sentenced to Rehab 5 Times

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 12.13.43 AMProbation is finally over for Lindsay Lohan after almost eight years and three criminal convictions. She was serving probation for reckless driving, but a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge closed the case on May 28. It was the final case in a string of her criminal cases spanning several years.

The judge made the determination that the 28-year-old Ms. Lohan had successfully completed the court-ordered sentence after reviewing the logs of her community service. He also stated that her attorney had done an admirable job in working with Lindsay on completing all of her community service hours.

Lindsay had been sentenced to rehabilitation facilities five times in recent years. The violations involved a variety of violations from simply missing her court-ordered counseling sessions to failure to execute community service hours. All of those violations landed her in jail as well. Court hearings totaling 50 or more were required for resolving the three cases that she was found guilty of, and she had to appear in person for 20 of those hearings.
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Exclusive Details: Bruce Jenner Finally Responds to Lawsuit

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 11.57.27 PMBruce Jenner was involved in a car accident relatively recently. Jenner was driving an SUV which collided with the Lexus that was in front of the SUV. This seemingly simple accident led to a four-car pileup on the Pacific Coast Highway. The driver of the Lexus was a 69-year-old woman named Kimberly Howe, and she died of complications related to the injury. Five other people sustained major injuries. Now, Jenner is being targeted with a wrongful death lawsuit.

There are situations in which filing a lawsuit like this is going to make more sense than simply trying to go through the criminal courts. For one thing, even if the person in question was found at fault legally, that person may or may not have to actually give any sort of financial assistance to the victims that were affected by the illegal action. Many victims will only care so much about the criminal in question going to jail. Many of them want compensation to allow them to get over or get through this difficult period in their lives.
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Celebrities accused of sex crimes

When celebrities are accused of sex crimes, sometimes they’re cleared and sometimes they’re convicted. Click through to see actors, musicians and other famous people and to read what happened in their cases.

Source: www.4029tv.com

These celebs have one thing in common. They were all accused of a sex crime. At the end of the day, innocent until proven guilty.

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