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Hong Kong Confirms third Bird Flu Case in Three Weeks

Hong Kong has confirmed its third case of human bird flu in three weeks, a 62-year-old man who was in critical condition, after a second patient was confirmed to have contracted the same H7N9 strain of the disease last Friday.

The first patient died from H7N9 five days earlier.
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Man Had No Idea Tapeworm Living Inside His Brain For 4 Years


Have you ever had a headache so bad that not even aspirin could help? That’s exactly what happened to one man in Britain. He suffered from debilitating headaches and seizures for 4 long years before doctors found the cause. It wasn’t a case of cluster headaches, too much stress or a bad pair of glasses. It was much, much worse.

In 2012, they figured out that the cause of his headaches was a 4-inch tapeworm in his brain. Over the course of those four years, the worm managed to crawl from one side of his brain to the other.

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Liberia says U.S. Ebola case showed no symptoms when he left

DAKAR (Reuters) – The man being treated for Ebola in Texas showed no signs of fever or symptoms of the virus when he left Liberia for the United States via Brussels on Sept. 19, the Liberian government said on Wednesday. The case is the first to be diagnosed outside West Africa during the current outbreak, raising the prospect that the worst epidemic of the deadly hemorrhagic fever on record could spread to nations beyond the region. … …read more

Source: Liberia says U.S. Ebola case showed no symptoms when he left

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