Singapore Airlines Plane Loses Power, Restored Before Occurence of a Disaster

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 9.47.12 PMAn Air-bus A330 plane belonging to Singapore airlines lost its engine capacity while on flight from Singapore on its way to Shanghai. This lead to loss of altitude leading the plane to plunge to 13,000 feet before engine capacity was restored.

The pilots as trained and experienced professionals followed all procedures in an attempt to restore energy to the A330 Rolls Royce engines. This enabled the plane to regain attitude therefore gliding safely in Shanghai, China at 11 pm on Saturday. According to information provided by authorities from Singapore airlines, among the 194 passengers and crew who were on board, none was injured.

Singapore airline officials released an official statement that provided more information about the incident. The reason that led to the incident was due to bad weather which the A330-300 plane encountered at 39,000 feet, three hours after departure. This lead to the engines experiencing temporary loss of energy where the pilots followed procedure in order to restore it.

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