Scientific Journal Nature Reveals Why Men Exist

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 8.52.05 PMLadies, have you ever wondered, in times of duress or otherwise, why on earth men have to be men? Or, to all the fellas out there, have you ever questioned why your fraternal bonds even exist? Well, a panel of researchers has recently published a reason as to why men, and males in general, exist in the first place. The answer may surprise you, as it is both complex and trivial at the same time.

Published recently in the well known scientific journal Nature, the answer is quite simple: natural selection. However, these two words are but a simplification of a larger scientific process. Having two genders allows for competition within a species, meaning that one gender only mates with the best and strongest of the other. This means that only the strongest and most hardy genes get passed down, ensuring the species’ survival. But, why does this indicate that there must be two genders? Well, if a species is limited to one gender, then its members will be able to reproduce regardless of their physical or other prowess. This makes the species weaker, and with less variation between individuals. So, essentially, having both males and females keeps aa species strong, and singles out the best individuals for reproduction.

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