Research Into Sustainable Nuclear Fusion

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It has been decades of research on clean and sustainable sources of energy. One line of research has focused mainly on nuclear energy, and its safety and affordability. A significant amount has been poured into this research from world billionaires like Paul Allen, Peter Thiel and Jeff Bezos. What studies show is that nuclear energy is capable of being a massive power-source.

There is hope that this research will yield the desired output. Billions of dollars and countless man-hours have already gone into nuclear power research for the last six decades. Still, there are no tangible or conclusive outputs as of 2015.

It therefore begs the question: why should the research continue to swallow billions that would find better use elsewhere?
There is a strong conviction that nuclear energy will have remarkable effects on the planet when it is put to use. The persuasion that it will be an infinite, clean and safe source of power is what keeps the research going.

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