Kellyanne Conway Is Unstoppable

Kellyanne Conway Is Unstoppable! Currently, Conway is seen within the White House as a “Queen without an Army,” according to a former campaign official. Conway has a vague title of “counselor,” and recently hired a chief of staff and an assistant to support her on her quest to dig into the “next phase of issues,” according to Conway. She has taken ownership of opioid-abuse and veterans affairs, a portfolio that Trump cares deeply about. Conway says she plans to turn her office into a war room, and was quick to mention that she has top-security clearance.

Kellyanne Conway was unrepentant Thursday night for using her White House position to promote first daughter Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand, despite a backlash from ethics experts and public officials.

Conway appeared again on Fox Thursday evening and, when asked about the uproar, said, “I’m not going to comment on that… I have nothing more to say about it.” She said that the president “supports me 100%.”

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