It Will Shock you to Know how Politicians get their Campaign Money

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 11.43.46 PMThe 2016 presidential race will probably witness a flow of more campaign money compared to other elections in the U.S history. Hundreds of millions flowing into the “super PACs” are currently trending together with other outside spending groups. These groups are accepting campaign money from rich donors and spend it in supporting candidates through ads and other efforts which include helping them defeat their rivals. Democracy may be threatened by the gusher of political money flowing from “economic heavyweights”. This is according to a recent study that was conducted by two leading academics

Income inequality and crony capitalism is probably going be a noticeable subject in the election. Yahoo finance has vowed to track the economic elites donating the millions to each candidate and find out the reasons behind their actions. The list below outlines the donors and donee; each candidate is listed according to their fundraising prospects and grouped by party.


Hillary Clinton

She is placed highest on the fundraising tier. Her prominent donors are obvious big democratic donors, which include James Simons, Tom Steyer, Reid Hoffman, George Soros, John Doerr, Marc Lasry, Fred Eycharner and Jeffrey Katzernberg.

Hillary is benefiting from a variety of rich contacts from her senatorial years and when she was the secretary of state. Her husband presidential years have also positively helped her gain the dominance.

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