How HIV Treatment and Care System has Locked out the ”Marginalized” Group of Patients

HIV Patient
A major health insurer recently announced that it would provide life insurance to HIV AIDs patients in America due to their rising life expectancy. This is contradictory to reports that were released by the Nation’s disease control unit stating that America is lagging behind in the fight against HIV AIDs.

Currently, it is estimated that there are approximately 1.2 million people in America living with the disease. Whereas life expectancy among white gay patients is nearly reaching the national’s norm, 66% of the 1.2 million patients are not on treatment.

In addition to this, statistics report that out of the 45,000 new cases of HIV reported annually, half of that number constitutes people of the African-American race, mostly bisexual and gay men.

According to these reports, African-American and Latino races are more likely to abandon treatment than white people. In fact, African-Americans were 7 times likely to die from the disease while Latinos were twice likely to die from the disease.

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