Is Hilary Clinton For Mayor Crazy Talk?

Is Hilary Clinton for mayor crazy talk? If there’s any glimmer of truth to the rumors that Hillary Clinton is considering a run for mayor of New York City, it would be evidence that she might have tripped and bumped her head during one of those long walks she’s been taking in the woods of Westchester County.

It’s not that she couldn’t make a credible run. Clinton is enormously popular among city voters, who came out for her in overwhelming numbers during two runs for US Senate and two more for president. The incumbent mayor, progressive Bill de Blasio, enters this election year with a razor-thin 51% approval rating, giving rise to the idea that he could be beaten by a fellow Democrat.

But as the common political expression goes, you can’t beat somebody with nobody, and only a handful of low-profile local officials have declared they will run against de Blasio.

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