Double your IQ by Eating these Foods

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 2.43.02 PMEveryone wants to be smart, but not everyone is born with the brain prowess they would like. Fortunately, the dumb of the world can finally become smart through a shocking revelation that was recently leaked that lists the foods people can eat to boost their brain power and make themselves smarter.

Imagine no longer having to study to grow brain cells. Scientific research revealed  people can just eat the right foods and become smarter. As intelligence-challenged people all over the world celebrate, make sure you incorporate these foods into your diet so you won’t be one of the maudling masses who weren’t informed of this huge scientific breakthrough.

* A breakfast featuring a protein and two eggs can rev up brain power and have you ready for that big test or project at work.

* Berries make delicious pies and bigger brain cells.

* If you aren’t drinking to your intelligence, you could be with a cup of tea.

* A glass a day can make you smarter…too much wine and you’ll dumb back down.

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