Combine the Power of Skype and Social Media

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Skype is simply the most popular voice over IP and IM service in the world, delivering its services free to its users. With more than a quarter of a billion users there is a world of friends you can find on this service. With the option to make video chats restricted to your Skype Contacts, how can you expand out of your contacts list and make new friends on this service? It is possible to find and make friends on Skype through Blarus.

Make Skype Social without Boundaries
There are millions of like-minded people on Skype who are looking to make the most of this communication service by making it more social. While Skype keeps you limited to your Skypecontacts with regard to making direct online calls or chats, Blarus breaks the shackles and helps you turn this free service into a social network where you can make new friends and communicate with them.

Skype Social – Entirely Free
Turning Skype Online into a social network through Blarus is entirely free. If you already have a Skype account all you have to do is visit and instantly get connected to the vast network of hundreds of millions of people from around the world. The best thing about this Skype-based social network service is not that it is free, but that it allows you to find similar-interest people of the desired age group and gender.

How Blarus is Different?
Blarus is different from other social networking sites because it relies on the power of Skype. Skype Online, for itself, offers a level of communication service – video and voice, and IM, something which is not possible on other social sites at such a level of sophistication. There is no other social site that offers such an advanced and convenient level of VoIP service for free.

Blarus helps integrate Skype’s power and the capabilities of a social platform to create a unique combination that lets you reach out to hundreds of millions of other users. Skype supports more than three dozen languages. Blarus helps you go beyond borders and make friends with people from all countries and speaking any language.
Using Blarus
Using Blarus is as easy as typing in your Skype account name, your age group and your gender. You will instantly find users based on their Gender or orientation and age group and start communicating with them.
With more than 750 million users on Skype Online, if you are not already using Blarus, you are missing out big.

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