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Fertility App Prevents Unwanted Pregnancies

Fertility App Prevents Unwanted Pregnancies. The app works by getting women to enter their body temperatures, ovulation test results and date of menstruation.
An algorithm (a set of rules to help solve a problem, run by computer software) then determines whether a woman is fertile on that day. This should help her make a decision about having unprotected sex.
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Why It’s Important to Stay Fit 

Why it’s important to stay fit? Ask someone if it’s important to remain fit and healthy and you’ll no doubt hear a quick “yes.” But you may receive a pause if you ask why it’s important. When you understand why an action is beneficial, you have greater motivation to perform that action, and remaining fit and healthy is no different. Additionally, if you can rattle off a list of the benefits of good fitness, you can motivate friends and loved ones to follow in your healthy path.
Survival of the Fittest
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7 Uses Of Medical Marijuana

More than 20 states have legalized marijuana. But there’s still this big controversy on whether this plant has any real medicinal effects.

While marijuana usage is controversial, many people believe that the drug should be legal for medical uses. Currently on 6% of studies on marijuana analyze its medicinal properties. Yes it’s true pot can definitely be used to treat certain ailments. However you should be aware that when overused or abused pot can lead to dependency and mess with memory and emotions.
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HPV Cancer Still Climbing in US

We wonder why HPV cancer still climbing in the US considering most cases are preventable.

HPV known as the Human Papillomavirus is a sexual transmitted disease. Although some HPV infections go away on their own, a majority of them that don’t go away can cause changes in the cells which can lead to genital warts or cancer. About 27,000 women and men are affected by HPV every year. That’s a new case every 20 minutes.
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Manuka Honey’s Healing Properties

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 11.16.17 PM
If you have not tried Manuka Honey then you’re definitely missing out. It’s no regular honey. This honey has healing properties, and was used an ancient times. Produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the native Manukah bush. Holistic practitioners are calling it “miracle honey” and this is why.

1. This honey protects damage caused by bacteria

2. The use of Manuka honey leads to improved wound healing in acute cases, and pain relief in burn patients.

3. It can reduce colonic inflammation if you have IBS or IBD
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25 Cancer Causing Foods You Probably Eat Daily


Cancer is a disease that looms over a majority of our population. Though hard to control when spread, we can take preventive measures to avoid this deadly disease. Some of the foods we eat daily can lead to cancer, so that’s why it’s important to be aware of what you’re putting into your body. Avoiding some of the 25 cancer causing foods mentioned in this list is one step to beating this deadly disease.

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10 Most Strangest Things Ever Discovered in a Human Body


Learning that something has been using your own body as a place to hide…it sounds like the stuff urban legends are made of. Unfortunately, with so many orifices providing direct access into the body, this isn’t always the case. Want proof? Look no further than the 10 most terrifying things ever discovered in a human body. Of course, in some cases, the individual being used as “a home” wasn’t all that surprised. After all, they put it there themselves. Let’s take a look!
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How HIV Treatment and Care System has Locked out the ”Marginalized” Group of Patients

HIV Patient
A major health insurer recently announced that it would provide life insurance to HIV AIDs patients in America due to their rising life expectancy. This is contradictory to reports that were released by the Nation’s disease control unit stating that America is lagging behind in the fight against HIV AIDs.

Currently, it is estimated that there are approximately 1.2 million people in America living with the disease. Whereas life expectancy among white gay patients is nearly reaching the national’s norm, 66% of the 1.2 million patients are not on treatment.

In addition to this, statistics report that out of the 45,000 new cases of HIV reported annually, half of that number constitutes people of the African-American race, mostly bisexual and gay men.

According to these reports, African-American and Latino races are more likely to abandon treatment than white people. In fact, African-Americans were 7 times likely to die from the disease while Latinos were twice likely to die from the disease.
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Consumers Allege Defective Pill Packaging Led to Unplanned Pregnancies

birth control

 A recent lawsuit, brought by women who claim they became pregnant after using some particular brands of birth control,was filed in the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia early November, 2015. The women allege that the birth control pill packages they used were mislabeled by the manufacturer, causing them to takethe wrong type of pill during their ovulation time,due to a 180 degree rotation of the pills in the package.To effectively prevent pregnancy, birth control pills must be taken on a prescribed schedule, so that women can coordinate the medication with their ovulation to prevent eggfertilization, and take placebo pillsduring their menstruation cycle. Three weeks of active pills and one week of placebo pills is the regimented prescription, and the tablets must be labeled in the proper daily order to act as an effective contraceptive method.

The brands that were recalled included Cyclafem, Emoquette, Gildess, Orsythia, Previfem and Tri-Previfem, according to the FDA’sonlinenotice concerning the recall All of these brands were marketed and manufactured under the supervision of Qualitest Pharmaceuticals. Qualitest is being sued for those unplanned pregnancies andmay be liable for any damages awarded to the women by the court.

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E.Coli Scare Leads to Shutdown of 43 Chitpotle Stores

chipotleFollowing hospitalization of a significant number of Washington residents due to E.Coli infection over the past week, Chipotle has shut down over a dozen of its eating joints.
Even as no deaths due to the E.Coli infection have yet been reported anywhere in the country, the reports of infection have led to a sensation and panic among the residents.

Restaurants even in Oregon and Washington have been closed as a preventive measure since cooking in massive volumes could elevate chances of infections.
According to the latest statement released by the Washington State Department of Health , the bacteria has not yet claimed any lives, so far but the admitted patients are being given intense medical attention.

A team of experts is currently probing the source of infection. However, nothing specific has yet been identified to tame the spread of the deadly E.Coli bacteria, so far.
As on date, a total of 19 cases of E.Coli infection in Washington and three in Oregon have been identified. While an official confirmation is still awaited, sources said that these cases could be associated with popular restaurant chain selling Mexican food.

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