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Donald Trump Attacks Courts Immigration Ruling via Twitter

President Trump on continues his Twitter attack on courts over the stay on his executive order temporarily barring travel into the U.S. of people from seven Muslim-majority countries.

In an apparent reference to a U.S. district court’s order blocking the president’s executive action and an appeals court’s upholding that ruling, Trump asserted there is a “court breakdown” that is allowing a surge in people from the seven countries coming into the U.S.
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Kellyanne Conway Is Unstoppable

Kellyanne Conway Is Unstoppable! Currently, Conway is seen within the White House as a “Queen without an Army,” according to a former campaign official. Conway has a vague title of “counselor,” and recently hired a chief of staff and an assistant to support her on her quest to dig into the “next phase of issues,” according to Conway. She has taken ownership of opioid-abuse and veterans affairs, a portfolio that Trump cares deeply about. Conway says she plans to turn her office into a war room, and was quick to mention that she has top-security clearance.
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Trump Team Discussing Ivanka Trump Proposal

Trump Team Discussing Ivanka Trump Proposal. President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team is discussing how to proceed with childcare tax legislation touted by Ivanka Trump on the campaign trail with the House Ways and Means Committee, a House GOP aide confirmed

News of the conversation was first reported by Politico.
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Is Hilary Clinton For Mayor Crazy Talk?

Is Hilary Clinton for mayor crazy talk? If there’s any glimmer of truth to the rumors that Hillary Clinton is considering a run for mayor of New York City, it would be evidence that she might have tripped and bumped her head during one of those long walks she’s been taking in the woods of Westchester County.
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Hillary Clinton Upsets the Majority When it Comes to Wall Street Donations

Wall Street
Hillary Clinton has not done herself any favors recently in her efforts to win the Democratic nomination for the presidency. Many leading Democrats have publicly denounced the practice of leading Wall Street companies donating large amounts of money into the campaign funds of political candidates. The Democrats have an objective of preventing companies having an undue influence on politics and political decision making by paying contributions and donations to politicians.

Not only does Hilary Clinton not support the end of Wall Street firms contributing to campaign funds. She actively accepts substantial donations, though Clinton makes the most money through giving talks to companies like Goldman Sachs. A recent talk she presented to them earned her $675,000, and earned the recriminations of fellow Democratic presidential hopefuls like Bernie Sanders. At present Sanders and Hillary Clinton are well ahead of the other Democrats aiming to be the next president.
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Bernie Sanders Refuses To Support Cheap Shots at the Sex Life of Bill Clinton


Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have both demonstrated time and time again that their approach to the current presidential election is very much at odds. It isn’t that their views are mutually incompatible: their approach to politics and to campaigning is equally incompatible.

Donald Trump is now trying to bring up Bill Clinton’s affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, which dates back to 1998. While a Bill Clinton sex life story that’s nearly twenty years old might seem completely random to bring up, Donald Trump claims that it is relevant now that Bill Clinton himself is helping his wife Hillary Clinton campaign in this presidential election.

Theoretically, Bernie Sanders should support almost anything that is going to harm or discredit his opponent Hillary Clinton further. At this stage in politics, people are competing against individuals on their own side just as much as they are competing against individuals on the other side, although they are technically competing with both. Democrats are fighting for liberal voters and trying to win them from one another, but they are also fighting for independents and swing voters from Republicans.

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Blame Game Escalates: Bush Refers To Trump A Threat On National Security

jed bushThe blame game between the two US presidential candidates has perked up as the two lock horns in yet another feud over security issue. These presidential hopefuls have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that their differences won’t be settled any soon. Donald Trump has been accused by Jeb Bush as having what Bush described as dangerous views on national -security matters. This is according to a National Review op-ed that was published on Tuesday.

In a written statement, Bush stated ”That Trump Echoes the attacks Michael Moore and fringe left against my brother is yet another example of his dangerous views on national -security issues,’’

This is an extension of the conflict that began boiling last week when Trump blamed former US President George W Bush, who happens to be a brother to Jeb Bush, for September 11 2011 terrorist attacks in the US.
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10 Reasons Donald Trump Continues to Lead the Polls

Vote Trump

In the race for the presidency in 2016, the primaries have yielded some very interesting candidates in both parties. However, the Republican party has gotten extra attention due to the unexpected leader in the GOP polls: Donald Trump. With no history in politics and a very controversial personality, no political leaders expected Trump to do well. However, he continues to lead in the polls each week and surprise political professionals by maintaining a large lead. Despite the fact that Trump is often made out to be a very controversial candidate, there are several reasons that each American should vote for him. Here are ten of them (slideshow):

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10 Reasons to Vote for Hilary Clinton

Hllary Clinton WDN

When it comes to the democratic candidates who are combating for the presidential seat of the United States, it seems that Hillary Clinton is standing tall on the ladder, without even causing a lot of commotion as one of her counterparts is (Donald Trump). If Hilary Clinton still doesn’t have you fully convinced, here are the top ten reasons (listed on slideshow) as to why you should vote for her.

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Bernie Sanders Views on Foreign Policy- An Anti-interventionist

bernie sandersThe contender for the Democratic presidential nomination Bernie Sanders has a campaign website that gives the 411 on his views on several topics, including the reformation on Wall Street, climate change and environment, real family values, a living wage, racial justice, creating jobs that pay well, attaining a lot of money out of politics, and his thoughts on wealth and income inequality, but nowhere on his online site,, does it state anything about his views on the strained relations with Russia, a rising China, the Islamic State, or on Syria.

Even though his website doesn’t mention it, in April, Mr. Sanders clearly stated that he has disagreed with Mrs. Clinton, as he voted against the war in Iraq. It seems like decided to omit this topic off his website because his top concerns are the health care and economy sectors, not foreign policy. Political science professor at Middlebury College in Vermont, Matt Dickinson, agrees with Bernie’s decision of not disclosing foreign policy on his website, as he believes that if Mr. Sanders wins the nomination, it’s not going to be based on the strength of his foreign policy views. Plus, he states that foreign policy is not what’s capturing the attention of the Democratic Party.

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