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World leaders, South Africans line up to bid farewell to Mandela

World of White – winter snow
Image by blmiers2
World of White – winter snow

A winter scene at Mendon Ponds Park, Mendon, NY

World leaders, South Africans line up to bid farewell to Mandela
World leaders and South Africans alike bowed before Nelson Mandela's flag-draped coffin on Wednesday in the same amphitheater where the revered peacemaker was sworn in as the country's first black president 19 years ago. Thousands of people lined …
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Government infiltrates Xbox Live and World of Warcraft in search of terrorists
United States and British government agents have been monitoring fantasy games like World of Warcraft and Second Life, as well as the Xbox Live platform since 2008, performing surveillance and scooping up personal data for the online networks used by …
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Challenge your own preconceptions: Take the 'ignorance' test
He wants to challenge the preconceptions we all have about the state of progress in the world, hoping that if we recognize our ignorance we can see what has been achieved and tackle the outstanding problems. In 2005, he co-founded the Gapminder …
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