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Can Things Get Any Worse for Yahoo?

Can Things Get Any Worse for Yahoo? Last September, the Internet portal disclosed that it had suffered the most damaging and far-reaching data breach in history — only to then announce in December the discovery of a second, earlier, and even larger hack.

Since the discovery, the sale of the company to Verizon has been put in jeopardy, as Yahoo — which recently announced its name would be changing to “Altaba” — began a probe into the hack that is expected to take several weeks. We may not know the full extent of these hacks’ effects for years; indeed, it took years for the breaches to even be discovered.
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8 Ways Technology Advanced our Economy

 The advancements made in technology over the past years have made us more connected than before. However, this does not mean all our problems have been solved. The year 2015, as we know, was the year of progress, not only in technology but also in the climate change and civil rights. So lets us get a better understanding of how technology helped us in 2015.

1. There more rockets, robots and drones
The technological change that took place in the year 2015 accelerated the advancements of self-driving cars, genetic engineering and not forgetting reusable rockets.

2. The diversity challenges have become more visible
Most tech companies were committed to creating a diverse workforce, to carefully reflect their customers and users. Some of the companies were able to make progress; however, in 2016, we will get to see whether the applause and corporate claims will lead to a desirable change.

3. More cities invested in their data
Most of the towns around the world adopted data-driven governance. Additionally, they applied the evidence-based policies, enabling them to focus on the pressing social issues. Accordingly, the government was able to use civic technology that included climate changes.
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The Development of London’s Rail Network

Londons rail network Engineers in Britain are undertaking the most ambitious project in Europe. Set to spend over 20 billion dollars, the engineers are working 40 meters below the city of London to complete 56 Kilometers of tunnels that will connect the suburbs on the peripheral of London to the main railway network and Heathrow Airport.

The Crossrail expansion of London railway network is being constructed to be a high capacity service that links 40 different stations between Heathrow Airport and Reading and Abbey Wood and Shenfield over 21 km of two tunnels running under central London and Docklands. The project though ambitious will be justified when over 1 million people are brought within 45 minutes of travel to London central business district.

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Research Into Sustainable Nuclear Fusion


It has been decades of research on clean and sustainable sources of energy. One line of research has focused mainly on nuclear energy, and its safety and affordability. A significant amount has been poured into this research from world billionaires like Paul Allen, Peter Thiel and Jeff Bezos. What studies show is that nuclear energy is capable of being a massive power-source.

There is hope that this research will yield the desired output. Billions of dollars and countless man-hours have already gone into nuclear power research for the last six decades. Still, there are no tangible or conclusive outputs as of 2015.

It therefore begs the question: why should the research continue to swallow billions that would find better use elsewhere?
There is a strong conviction that nuclear energy will have remarkable effects on the planet when it is put to use. The persuasion that it will be an infinite, clean and safe source of power is what keeps the research going.
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Annual E3 Conference Trade Show and The Big Three Battleground

For the first time in years, 5,000 lucky fans have been invited to Los Angeles, California, where they will be attending the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Approximately, 50,000 game makers, retailers, analysts and journalists will also be present at this awesome event to see the latest and greatest inventions in electronic entertainment. With lots of excitement packed into this 3 day conference, people all over the globe will an opportunity to see sneak peaks of low key PC indies, block buster console games and much more.

The Big 3 in Electronic Entertainment

Microsoft’s Electronic Entertainment and their Star Line UP

With representatives from Microsoft Nintendo and Sony, it promises to be another awesome battleground for an annual console war. While in attendance, people can expect to hear some top announcements from these manufacturers. Since Microsoft has already announced an updated version of the 1 TB Xbox One console, their primary focus will be sporting their consumers favorite Blockbuster software line including Forza 6, Halo 5, the Rise of the Tomb Raider along with the newest game Gears of War Franchise, Attendees can also look for Microsoft to show off their awesome AR/VR gadget.
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What Will Humanoid Robots Do Next?

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.33.56 AMWith technological advances moving so quickly today, even the most conscientious technical savvy person is having a difficult time keeping up. From the latest development in the automobile industry to the recent advances in mobile technology, there is so much happening across the globe. Since developers all over the world are participating in open source projects, the technology has been booming. In specific, the technical advances in the humanoid robotic world has become astounding.

With this said, since DARPA’s (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is taking a leading role in many of the most innovative technologies, there has been a lot done toward developing humanoid robotics. Some of which have been built to performing both routine tasks and those that will save many lives in the future. Therefore, people can expect to see more about humanoid robots as advancements in technology progresses. Similar to the human body features (1 head, 2 arms, 2 legs, a body, feet, toes and the like), these robots are being engineered to perform a wide variety of different essential and critical tasks. For instance, one the latest of the tasks that these humanoid robots were expected to perform involved assisting with shutting down a major plant overseas.

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History Of #Hashtags and Its Importance In Social Networking

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 1.32.38 PM
Social media is empowering companies, governments, businesses, websites, institutions, and people in order for them to express their ideas and accomplish their goals. However, there are more than a few things that we should have in mind when we analyze communicational strategies throughout the different social channels online. Social networking is a masterpiece in our society and the way we communicate is very  important.  One of the most used elements in social media is hashtags (#) –especially in Twitter and Instagram. However, I’d like to let you know how millions of social networking users are getting the most out of hashtags since Chris Messina –a social technology expert— was the first person to use a  hashtag on Twiter in August 2007.

Nowadays, hashtags are created intentionally to promote your ideas and can help you with your brand. Every social media strategy on Twitter and Instagram should use hashtags because this is a very interesting way people can find your tweets and an efficient technique for it to be a more likely trending topic. For instance, if you would like to promote a new product in your online shop, you can create a hashtag in Twitter labeled #NewShoes or #FivePercentOffInShoes, and your followers can  easily find your promotion, and you are more likely to appear in the trending topic list.
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Combine the Power of Skype and Social Media

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 1.08.46 AM
Skype is simply the most popular voice over IP and IM service in the world, delivering its services free to its users. With more than a quarter of a billion users there is a world of friends you can find on this service. With the option to make video chats restricted to your Skype Contacts, how can you expand out of your contacts list and make new friends on this service? It is possible to find and make friends on Skype through Blarus.

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Simple Trick to Hide App Store Purchases on your iPhone IOS 8

Apple still has plenty of work to do on iOS 8 before users will be satisfied with the update, but there are plenty of improvements in place that make for a better (and safer) operating system. We already pointed you in the direction of seven privacy settings you should change, but there’s one more great feature that made its way from desktop to mobile in iOS 8: the ability to hide App Store purchases. FROM EARLIER: The 6 craziest new iOS 8 keyboards in Apple’s App Store As AppleInsider notes, the only way to hide App Store purchases previously was to go through iTunes on PC or Mac, but iOS 8 lets you hide apps from any iOS 8 device.

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