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Ad Fraud Is Now A Seven Billion Dollar Problem


Ad Fraud is now a 7 billion dollar problem. According to Association of National Advertisers, marketers continue to waste billions of dollars in digital advertising. In 2015 advertisers had a range of bots percentage ranging from 3 to 37 percent, compared to 2 to 22 percent in 2014.

It’s been reported, “the changing nature of online advertising is making fraud more prevalent. More valuable ad inventory – video ads and display targeted at specific demographic groups – are more susceptible to bots. Programmatic is a particular problem; the ANA found that it attracts 73% more bots than direct buys.

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Fed Not Equipped to Handle Another Financial Crisis, says Fed Reserve Chairman

fincial crisis
Fears of another financial crisis are now looming large on the US economy, as the Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer, on Sunday, expressed his concern over the “lacking control” of the Central Bank on market processes.

During the annual meeting of the American Economic Association (AEA) in San Francisco, on Sunday, Fischer reportedly said that the bank may not be able to even prevent another financial crisis. The Chairman said that, unlike in many other big economies of the world, the Central Bank in the US had no control over the housing market or other important assets. There is absence of proper regulatory powers vested in the Fed, he said.
He even took upon the Congress, pointing out the restrictions imposed on the Federal Reserve to have its say in the crisis situation.
“We won’t know until it’s very late. That’s something we have to worry about a great deal,” he stated.

The statement indicated that the policies framed and exercised by the Central Bank needed to undergo a change. He stressed that the policies need to be primarily based on money management, in order to prevent the financial crisis.

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Uber- Will this Company Sink or Swim?


After raping a female passenger, a former Massachusetts Uber driver was recently sentenced ten to twelve years in prison. This adds to the growing list of Uber drivers who have been accused of sexual assault. This type of assault has been occurring around the globe; therefore, it has been bombarding both local and international news quite constantly for a couple of years now. Should we expect Uber to be out of business soon?

According to USA Today, a 47-year-old Boston native by the name of Alejandro Done was found guilty on charges that included aggravated rape, assault and battery, and kidnapping, and thus, he was sentenced last Friday.

The incident he was involved in occurred on December 6, 2014. Mr. Done picked up a woman who was heading to Cambridge. This driver told the woman that he only accepted cash. Since she didn’t have any cash to provide to him at that moment, he agreed to take her to an ATM in order for her to withdraw some money, but things went sour after that, as Mr. Done decided to not take the woman to her destination. According to the Star Tribune, this man opted to drive her to a secluded location. She was kept trapped in the vehicle, and he proceeded to sexually assault her and strangle her.

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The Secrets of Millionaires Exposed

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The Top 4 Secrets of Millionaires Revealed

Are interested in achieving financial freedom? Do you want the strong financial muscles? Definitely, everyone wants a piece of a millionaire’s life and having a flow of many from strong and renewing sources. The idea of being a millionaire sometimes looks far fetch and to some it so far ‘up the mountain’ therefore a hard task to get there. However Not all is lost despite your current financial status. The only difference is the secrets of getting there. These “secret” ideas will help you reach that mark of a millionaire and start living the lifestyle of the rich. It will help you understand how to get more money than ever before!

The Top 3 Secrets to a Successful Business Revealed

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 11.27.05 PMThe idea is simple: your focus, as the owner of the business, moves from ‘Sales’ to ‘Stuff’ to ‘Systems’, as your company grows. This is the best business growth strategy. Focusing on one part of the business does not mean that you only deal with that part. It means that you allocate half of your time to it, while the other half is split between anything else you would normally deal with. Above all, you, as the business owner, must focus on what needs your focus, even if it is not necessarily what you like doing.

Let’s talk about each area of a business:

1. Focus on Sales when you are at the beginning with your business, or when you launch a new product or open a new location. ‘Sales’ is split into two parts:

(i)            selling your product or service;

(ii)           selling your idea.

Selling your idea to current employees, potential employees, partners, suppliers, banks and any other person that is necessary to run the business smoothly is equally important as selling your product. You cannot create a business on your own. To achieve your objectives, you need people around you. And those people don’t join just because you think they should. It is tempting to believe they see and understand as you do, but they don’t. You have to give them reasons to opt in, just as you give reasons to your customers to buy your product.

During this stage, you have only a Scope. You know where you want to get to, but it is still vague. You need the market reaction and partners’ feedback in order to ensure you have the right product, the right offering, both for your customers and for your partners
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Jessica Alba – Watch Out for this Intelligent Business Woman

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 11.37.23 PMAt just 34 years old, popular television and film actress Jessica Alba seems to have been featured in just about all of the best-known men’s magazines as the most beautiful woman worldwide. Following Dark Angel, the television series that launched her successful career, Alba starred in films like Machete, Little Fockers, Valentine’s Day, the newly released and highly anticipated Entourage, and in the future 2016 sequel to The Mechanic with Jason Statham.But, that’s not all she’s done by any means.

As a child, she was raised on a number of Air Force bases, including those in Del Rio, TX and Biloxi, MS. She suffered from serious allergies that led to a predisposition to pneumonia. She was hit with bouts of pneumonia twice every year or so and usually ended up spending two weeks in the hospital.

Fast forward to 2008 when she was engaged to Cash Warren, an Internet entrepreneur. While pregnant with their first baby, her friends and family threw a baby shower for her. At the shower, her mother recommended washing all of the gifted onesies in baby detergent before her baby wore them.
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Apple Becomes the Most Valuable Company in the World, Again!

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 6.36.49 PMAccording to annual BrandZ ranking which is compiled by Millward Brown, a marketing research firm, Apple passes Google to become the most valuable brand in the world. Apple reclaimed its long running title after losing it to Google in 2014. This has been attributed to a 67% change in brand value from $148 billion last year to $247 billion this year. Google had a brand value of $158 billion last year and a brand value of $173 billion this year therefore taking its place at the second slot.

Apple had been enjoying a three year run as the most valuable company before Google took the coveted price last year ending the streak for Apple. The data is usually derived from the market as well as from millions of customer surveys which help to determine a portion of the company’s value therefore being attributed to its brand.

The sudden increase in brand value for Apple in 2015 is attributed to the hype generated by the just released Apple smartwatch and was also boasted by increased iPhone sales which drove the company’s earnings higher. Google on other hand scrapped off its Google Glass product which has been attributed to the reduction in brand value. Other factors that have contributed to the decline include overseas regulatory troubles as well as lackluster earnings.

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The Top 3 Reasons To Own A Stock Trading Software

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 12.15.00 AMOwning a very good stock trading software can be a very handy tool for faster and easier transactions in the stock exchange. After all, it is a great way to analyze the market with the use of online trading software that is capable of calculating important indexes as well as giving you a preview on which shares you should consider trading.

A stock trading software is basically a computer program that allows you a certain degree of access to the stock market of any part of the world. This program has the ability to analyze movements within international markets.

Traders often use this kind of software to perform both buying and selling in the stock exchange. It also offers investors various benefits that can help them in successfully engaging in the stock market. Here are some of the ways that the software becomes helpful to you:

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Facilitate Wealth Management on Personal Front

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 6.05.27 PMHave you gone on a shopping spree and spent more than you should have actually? This does happen to all the persons and almost all the time. Whether it’s a time of festivities, special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or engagement, or simply a party you are throwing or a dinner among friends, or just buying things you were planning to purchase for a long time; reasons are so many. But the outcome is only one, you exceed the limit of your credit card while swiping it a moment ago. Perhaps, you should know how a new concept of balance transfer will assist you greatly.

Now, what is balance transfer? A credit card balance transfer permits a person to merge all of the balances on one’s credit cards, permits to accumulate credit, and loans on one card with a little annual percentage rate and pay off the additional credit. For this procedure to take place, a person has to pay a specific amount or a percentage. The balances that are to be transferred are to be mentioned when the information is provided. Next, the account numbers and the amount of cash is to be specified. This is easy and effortless as the company providing the credit card balance transfer makes a contact with the other one to facilitate the required balance. Thus, a transfer could be a suitable means to postpone the card payment with negligible interest, giving a person the required time to assemble funds.

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And the Winner is… Michael Jordan Among Others Joins Forbes Billionaires List

A record 290 newcomers joined the Forbes billionaires list in the last year as world markets defied international turmoil. One earthward note: The average net worth of list members came in at $3.86 billion, down $60 million from 2014.


In latest business news, reports billionaires continue to rise.  Of course there were surprises, but then again, but nothing shocking.   From the 290 newcomers, 46 of them are under 40, and 71 of them are from China.

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