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What Did Asian Kids Do To Make The New York Times And Bill De Blasio HATE THEM?

In a Sunday opinion piece in The New York Times, lefty intellectual Richard D. Kahlenberg condemns the admissions practices of New York City’s eight highly-selective public schools for admitting a lower number of black and Latino students than he wants. “[T]his year, only 5 percent of seats at those eight schools were offered to black students and 7 percent to Latinos, in a city where the public schools are 70 percent black and Latino,” the one-time Democratic legislative assistant gripes. “At Stuyvesant High School, just 3 percent of offered seats this year went to black and Latino students.” Kahlenberg also lauds New York Mayor Bill de Blasio for his promise to add diversity to the city’s elite public schools by expanding the admissions criteria beyond a single, local standardized test. …read more

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To get into college, play a game or two

By Liz Weston LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – For the first-time college hopeful in a family, who may have less help navigating the complex application process, would playing some games offer insights, help with school choices and boost their chances of completing a degree? Researchers and game developers at the University of Southern California hope so. They’ve developed a card game, a Facebook game and an online shoot-em-up action game designed to impart college-application strategies that so-called “first-generation” students may not learn anywhere else. “They might have parents who don’t know much about the college application process and attend schools that don’t have college support,” said Zoe Corwin, research director for USC’s Pullias Center for Higher Education. …read more

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Major shareholder of South Korean ferry operator applies for receivership

The major shareholder of the South Korean operator of the ferry on which hundreds of high school students drowned in April has applied for receivership, a court said on Monday. Chonhaiji Co Ltd, a ship block maker and the major shareholder of ferry operator Chonghaejin Marine Company, lodged its application at the Changwon District Court last week, a court official said. Chonghaejin Marine owned the Sewol, which sank on April 16 on a routine journey between the mainland port of Incheon and the holiday island of Jeju. Chonhaiji had 34.8 billion won ($34.19 million) in outstanding debt to main creditor Korea Development Bank [KDB.UL] as of last week, the bank’s spokesman said. …read more

Source: Major shareholder of South Korean ferry operator applies for receivership

China leads BRICS nations in higher education: survey

Chinese universities led the rankings in a survey of schools from the five major developing “BRICS” nations, a survey said on Wednesday, despite problems including restrictions on academic freedom. China took six of the top 10 slots in a study of schools there and in Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa by the London-based rankings firm QS. The report placed Tsinghua and Peking University, both in Beijing, in first and second place, and said China was “the most likely of the BRICS nations to achieve its goal of developing world-class universities”.

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Source: China leads BRICS nations in higher education: survey

Starbucks offers employees university aid

Starbucks has announced that it will introduce a university education aid plan for its employees in a reflection of the skyrocketing cost of higher education in the United States. The global chain of coffee shops said its full- and part-time US-based employees will be eligible for aid to complete a bachelor’s degree with Arizona State University (ASU), one of the country’s most active in providing on-line college degrees. Nearly 70 percent of Starbucks US employees are college students or young people who want to go to college. “Supporting our partners’ ambitions is the very best investment Starbucks can make,” the company said on its website.

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Source: Starbucks offers employees university aid

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