Blame Game Escalates: Bush Refers To Trump A Threat On National Security

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jed bushThe blame game between the two US presidential candidates has perked up as the two lock horns in yet another feud over security issue. These presidential hopefuls have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that their differences won’t be settled any soon. Donald Trump has been accused by Jeb Bush as having what Bush described as dangerous views on national -security matters. This is according to a National Review op-ed that was published on Tuesday.

In a written statement, Bush stated ”That Trump Echoes the attacks Michael Moore and fringe left against my brother is yet another example of his dangerous views on national -security issues,’’

This is an extension of the conflict that began boiling last week when Trump blamed former US President George W Bush, who happens to be a brother to Jeb Bush, for September 11 2011 terrorist attacks in the US.

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