Bernie Sanders Views on Foreign Policy- An Anti-interventionist

bernie sandersThe contender for the Democratic presidential nomination Bernie Sanders has a campaign website that gives the 411 on his views on several topics, including the reformation on Wall Street, climate change and environment, real family values, a living wage, racial justice, creating jobs that pay well, attaining a lot of money out of politics, and his thoughts on wealth and income inequality, but nowhere on his online site,, does it state anything about his views on the strained relations with Russia, a rising China, the Islamic State, or on Syria.

Even though his website doesn’t mention it, in April, Mr. Sanders clearly stated that he has disagreed with Mrs. Clinton, as he voted against the war in Iraq. It seems like decided to omit this topic off his website because his top concerns are the health care and economy sectors, not foreign policy. Political science professor at Middlebury College in Vermont, Matt Dickinson, agrees with Bernie’s decision of not disclosing foreign policy on his website, as he believes that if Mr. Sanders wins the nomination, it’s not going to be based on the strength of his foreign policy views. Plus, he states that foreign policy is not what’s capturing the attention of the Democratic Party.

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