Bernie Sanders Refuses To Support Cheap Shots at the Sex Life of Bill Clinton


Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have both demonstrated time and time again that their approach to the current presidential election is very much at odds. It isn’t that their views are mutually incompatible: their approach to politics and to campaigning is equally incompatible.

Donald Trump is now trying to bring up Bill Clinton’s affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, which dates back to 1998. While a Bill Clinton sex life story that’s nearly twenty years old might seem completely random to bring up, Donald Trump claims that it is relevant now that Bill Clinton himself is helping his wife Hillary Clinton campaign in this presidential election.

Theoretically, Bernie Sanders should support almost anything that is going to harm or discredit his opponent Hillary Clinton further. At this stage in politics, people are competing against individuals on their own side just as much as they are competing against individuals on the other side, although they are technically competing with both. Democrats are fighting for liberal voters and trying to win them from one another, but they are also fighting for independents and swing voters from Republicans.

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