Annual E3 Conference Trade Show and The Big Three Battleground

For the first time in years, 5,000 lucky fans have been invited to Los Angeles, California, where they will be attending the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Approximately, 50,000 game makers, retailers, analysts and journalists will also be present at this awesome event to see the latest and greatest inventions in electronic entertainment. With lots of excitement packed into this 3 day conference, people all over the globe will an opportunity to see sneak peaks of low key PC indies, block buster console games and much more.

The Big 3 in Electronic Entertainment

Microsoft’s Electronic Entertainment and their Star Line UP

With representatives from Microsoft Nintendo and Sony, it promises to be another awesome battleground for an annual console war. While in attendance, people can expect to hear some top announcements from these manufacturers. Since Microsoft has already announced an updated version of the 1 TB Xbox One console, their primary focus will be sporting their consumers favorite Blockbuster software line including Forza 6, Halo 5, the Rise of the Tomb Raider along with the newest game Gears of War Franchise, Attendees can also look for Microsoft to show off their awesome AR/VR gadget.

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