8 Ways Technology Advanced our Economy

 The advancements made in technology over the past years have made us more connected than before. However, this does not mean all our problems have been solved. The year 2015, as we know, was the year of progress, not only in technology but also in the climate change and civil rights. So lets us get a better understanding of how technology helped us in 2015.

1. There more rockets, robots and drones
The technological change that took place in the year 2015 accelerated the advancements of self-driving cars, genetic engineering and not forgetting reusable rockets.

2. The diversity challenges have become more visible
Most tech companies were committed to creating a diverse workforce, to carefully reflect their customers and users. Some of the companies were able to make progress; however, in 2016, we will get to see whether the applause and corporate claims will lead to a desirable change.

3. More cities invested in their data
Most of the towns around the world adopted data-driven governance. Additionally, they applied the evidence-based policies, enabling them to focus on the pressing social issues. Accordingly, the government was able to use civic technology that included climate changes.

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